The world is changing as we live and breathe. Business concepts that were unimaginable ten years ago are now mainstream. However, there has been one constant on the business landscape: there is still a mandate within corporations to reduce internal operating costs and refocus on consulting business activities. Many companies are turning to outsourcing to improve service delivery.

Over the last few years the outsourcing market has matured. Further growth is predicted as organisations expand the range of business functions they are prepared to outsource as a way not only to lower operating costs, but also as a way to become more efficient and playing to their strengths. After all, once companies take stock and realise what business they are really in, do they really need to be handling non core business processes if an expert third party can carry out that same process for a lower price and more efficiently?

The Australian BPO Association was set up to provide a unified and cohesive front for organisations and individuals who participate in the Outsourcing sector.

Membership is open to anyone who has an Australian Business Number (issued by the Australian Government’s Taxation Office) to indicate their authorisation to conduct business promotions in the Australian market.